About Us

Dobbs Medical Sales, Inc. was started in January 2005 after the owner and founder Jeff Dobbs, had been in hundreds of hospitals from coast to coast and noticed that hospital staff was constantly in need of additional equipment, training and support. Thirteen years later, thousands of satisfied clients and an ever growing list of equipment available (including the “Endo-Caddy” that is being brought to market in 2019), Dobbs Medical Sales, Inc. is proud to be one of the very few companies in the business with a 10+year track record and a BBB A+ rating.

Supplying our customers with high-quality pre-owned medical equipment

Dobbs Medical Sales Inc. is more than just another medical equipment sales company. We go above and beyond to certify that all the equipment we sell meet or exceed our customer's expectation. We understand our customer's business and know how important it is for them that we get it right the first time.

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Secret to our Success

Satisfied Customers

We constantly strive for the highest quality of the equipment we sell or the repairs we perform. More than two decades of successful operation and thousands of satisfied customers is a testimony to our success.

We Ship Worldwide

We ship equipment worldwide. No matter where you are located your order will be shipped in time and delivered right to your door or to any other location you chose. Every order is thoroughly inspected before shipping.

In-house Repair Services

One advantage over most of our competitors is that our repair services and inspections are performed in-house by highly trained and experienced technicians.
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